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Nevada Democratic Presidential Primary Caucus 2008

 Democratic Presidential Primary candidates are invited to submit a brief statement of their position on issues related to the Outdoors, including rights of firearm ownership, rights in access to public lands, and states rights to manage wildlife resources.  Their statements and photo will be published here in the order received and linked to their campaign web page for all Nevada Democrats to review. 

The NODC has received statements from John Edwards, Governor Bill Richardson, and Senator Joseph Biden. 

Where are the other Democratic candidates on our issues that are so important to winning the West? 

January 13 update:  Just so you know your humble NODC Chair worked hard for our members be assured that he spoke personally and by email several times with the key Nevada representatives for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Barack Obama campaign.  Both campaigns said their candidate supported our rights but neither campaign came through with a statement for the Outdoor Dems.  We will actively support the eventual Democratic candidate.  We will ask again for a message to Outdoor Democrats in Nevada  and across the West.  We will offer our sage advice on all issues discussed here on our web pages.  Thanks for your support and thanks for all you do for Nevada Democrats. 

From John Edwards June 21, 2007


We owe it to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to protect the land, air and water we rely on.  We owe it to the world to become a responsible and moral leader for clean energy and conservation.   (Click here for full message.)

From Governor Bill Richardson July 9,  2007

To the Members of the Nevada Outdoor Democrats,

 It is a pleasure to address the Nevada Outdoor Democrats. Nevada is a major player in the 2008 primary campaign for the first time, and for the first time Western values and Western issues will play a significant role in choosing our next president. You, the Nevada Outdoor Democrats, have an opportunity to shape the debate and the future of our party.  (Click here for full message.)

From Senator Joseph Biden September 13, 2007

To Members of the Nevada Outdoor Democrats,        

We all share a fundamental and indispensable goal: to pass on to our children and grandchildren a community and a world better than our own.

We have a moral obligation to protect one of America’s greatest assets: its outdoors.  From graceful rivers in New England to the picturesque mountains of Nevada, we inhabit one of the most beautiful and diverse environments in the world.  Yet, over the last century, our lands, waterways, and air have been polluted and pillaged. (Click here for full message.)

Dear Outdoor Democrats in every County of Nevada,

If you are a volunteer for a candidate that has posted here please tell him or her THANK YOU!  

If your candidate has not posted here ask him or her WHY NOT?

NODC briefing respectfully offered to the Nevada Presidential Primary Candidates: 

Nevada Outdoor Democrats Briefing for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates 

As an affiliate of the State Democratic Party the NODC works to get Democrats elected in Nevada.  The NODC provides Democrats with perspectives and technical information on those special issues that involve our great Nevada Outdoors. 

The NODC appreciates the important role played by each state in the management of fish and wildlife resources.  We recommend that candidates respect and promote the traditional management of hunting and fishing by the states.

The NODC encourages states and local jurisdictions to respect the rights of citizens.  Any regulation of firearms must reflect the rights and values of families and communities.

The NODC recommends that Democratic Presidential Candidates reject national gun banning, reject any new federal gun control, and urge the removal of such language from the Platform of the National Democratic Party.  The NODC believes that local decisions on guns best reflect the diverse traditions, values, and needs of urban and rural communities and families.  Democrats get elected in the Nevada and the West by respecting the keen spirit of independence held by Westerners.  

If your record includes votes or statements in favor gun control don't run away from that record.  But do explain to voters that your past record reflects the constituency you represented at that time and as President your position will reflect the values of a larger and more diverse constituency.  If you can say also that you will not propose, or even better, will not support new Federal gun control your message will be well received by Democrats in Nevada and the West. 

The BLM manages an astounding 67% of the area of Nevada as public lands.  Like most government services the BLM copes with limited resources of staff and equipment, however closing areas without cause or closing roads that have been used by Nevada citizens for more than a century with little harm is not an acceptable practice.  It is recognized that lands close to large population centers like Las Vegas require appropriate management and control.  

Wilderness brings heated debate from groups that want to either use or protect public lands.  The NODC believes 48 million acres of public land within Nevada is enough to share if planning respects the legitimate needs of all recreational users.  The NODC is not anti-Wilderness but suggests that areas not be locked up for long periods of inaction while designated "Wilderness study" and we urge a design that uses but never abuses our public lands.  

 John J Cahill, Chair 702 767-3761
 Assemblywoman Debbie Smith, Vice Chair
 Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Secretary
 JJ Balk, Treasurer

What’s the real history of Democrats on the Second Amendment?  GUNS magazine invited lawmakers in 1960 to send in their positions for publication.  Below are photocopies of the statements from Democrats you will recognize.  I have these magazines in my collection so I can affirm the quotes are correct. 

GUNS Magazine February 1960 - Hubert Humphrey was called by one of our 2008 Presidential Candidates "a Northern Liberal" (and not meant as any insult).  Humphrey said " ... the right of citizens to bear arms is ... one more safeguard against a tyranny..."  connecting the rights of the Second Amendment to citizen's relationship to their government.  

GUNS Magazine April 1960 - John Kennedy said "... fears of governmental tyranny ... gave rise to the Second Amendment ..."  so it's not about those duck hunting guns!


Here's a Word .doc  about Nevada Democrat's record on citizen rights and the outdoors.  Nevada Democrats have much to be proud of in their contributions to hunters and gun owners