Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus

An affiliate of the Nevada State Democratic Party



Welcome Union Brothers and Sisters!

May 2006 - The NODC welcomes Sheet Metal Workers 88 as a proud supporter of Sportsman's rights in Nevada. 


Send us an email if you want to get your union listed here and let your members know you support their individual rights!  CHAIR@NODC.US

We are Nevada Democrats who are pro-hunting, pro-shooting, and pro-rights in the Nevada Outdoors. 

If you are a Nevada Union Member Democrat that has long cared about your rights and have been turned off by certain radical anti-rights policy positions pushed by high-profile Democrats outside Nevada, you have found the place to express your beliefs and to support our rights as Nevada Sportsmen and Women. 

Has your Union worked hard to endorse and support a Nevada Democratic Lawmaker who has supported your working men and women only to be told by a member:

I support my Union, and I know the endorsement committee works hard to interview and  recommend pro-labor candidates,  but I wont vote for a Democrat because they want to take away my guns! 


Im going to support the candidates endorsed by the Union, but I cant get my (husband, brother, father, friends) to vote for a Democrat because they believe Democrats hate guns.

 Nevada Democrats do not want to take away citizen's rights on guns and that is why they have organized to get out that message.  The Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus is an affiliate of the Nevada State Democratic Party

Its free to join, but you must be a Democrat registered in Nevada.   

You can find out more NODC info by going to the NODC Home. 




 If you are outside Nevada and would like info on starting a pro-rights Democratic Sportsman organization in your state please contact NODC Chair John Cahill at for information about the success of organizing the Democratic Sportsman's voice in Nevada.