Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus

An affiliate of the Nevada State Democratic Party


1.  Can anyone join the Nevada Outdoor Democratic Caucus?

Well, not just any individual.  Individuals must be registered as a Democrat in Nevada to join the NODC.

2.  How much does individual membership cost?

It's FREE to be a supporting member of the NODC.  Full membership with voting privileges is $12 per year.

2.  Can a business, club, or organization join or support the NODC? 

Yes.  Subject to approval of the NODC Board of Officers a business or other organization can join the NODC for $50 per year.  They don't have to be Democrats, just supporters of Sportsman's rights in the Nevada Outdoors.

3.  How do I join?

For Free Supporting membership send an email and we'll check voter registration and put you on our membership roll. 

For Full Membership send a check to JJBalk, 341 Rancho Drive, Henderson, Nevada, 89015 -or- you can pay by credit card through PayPal using the account name and note NODC membership in the message box.  We will email you acknowledgement of your payment.

4.  How do I get information on NODC activities and news?

All information is shared electronically.  The NODC eNews is published periodically and news is posted on our Web Page .  If you don't have internet access at your home you can get it at your local library or you might get it from a family member, friend, or neighbor.  Subscription to our NODC eNews is at 600 and growing.  Subscription email addresses are not shared or sold or used for any other purpose except to communicate news on Democrats and outdoor issues.

5.  If I am a Democratic Candidate for office can I get an NODC endorsement?

The NODC is an affiliate of the State Democratic Party and follows the party rules.  The NODC does not issue endorsements of one Democratic candidate over another in primary elections, and supports Democrats in all general elections. 

6.  What do you do to assist Democrats in the general elections? 

The NODC will meet with Democratic candidates and will advise on outdoor issues.  The NODC can suggest positions on issues that are important to hunters, anglers, shooters, gun owners, the OHV community, and other groups that are active in Nevada.  See our links page for info on groups working in the Nevada Outdoor community. 

7.  Can you assist promoting Democratic candidates with Independent and Republican voters? 

Nevada voters are fiercely independent in their thinking and voting.  By advising Democratic candidates on Outdoor issues that might be avoided, ignored, or that might otherwise follow some national party lines that are not accepted inside Nevada, the NODC is a valuable resource to Democratic Candidates, especially to those who are running statewide elections and must be successful in rural Nevada.  We work also with the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus to support Democratic candidates in rural Nevada and support rural Nevada values and interests with Democratic candidates in urban districts. 

8.  Your web pages mention the National Rifle Association.  Isn't that a Republican organization?

The NRA is and issue based, bipartisan, organization.  It's true that the NRA has been at odds with way too many national Democrats in recent decades, and they have certainly promoted national Republicans.  It's also true the NRA endorses Democrats that support their values and answer the questionnaires sent to lawmakers at every level.  The NRA rates all lawmakers.  Nevada Senator Harry Reid received a "B" rating in '04, and former Governor Howard Dean was endorsed by the NRA. 

9.  Well if you like guns, how are you different than Republicans on that key political issue?

One difference is we are not just following party lines.  Many Republicans claim to be pro-rights on guns but in fact are only following their party line.  President Bush spoke out that he would sign a renewal of the AWB during the '04 campaign, and it was well known that Republicans were instructed to never let that renewal hit his desk.  That's wrong, it's the behavior of a charlatan, and it promotes legislation that does not make citizens safer. 

The values promoted by the NODC represent traditional western individualism and a respect for flora and fauna.  Nevada's heritage was formed by hunting, trapping, fishing, mining, ranching, individual rights and responsibilities, and free thinking.  These beliefs are based on experiences.  You might hear an NODC spokesperson say "Elko just ain't New York City, and neither is Las Vegas.".  We don't want to fix what isn't broken and we don't try to do something by legislation that folks can just chose do for themselves.  The Nevada Outdoors is big enough for all of us if we plan well now and share fairly.  The question may be "Are we big enough to handle the Nevada Outdoors?"